Transcend Project

TranscendTo exceed, surpass, excel, outdo, outstrip, to go or beyond a stated or implied limit, measure, or degree”.

The Transcend project started like many memorable moments in history, as a dream by Ademilola Odujinrin, “Lola”. The dream became a thought often forming a tangible mental image which could only be felt and interpreted by Lola. Like most dreams, there is a temptation for the owner of the dream to expect it to come to life miraculously. Yes miracles do happen but it dawned on Lola that most often to make a dream come true, you need to have a plan, positive mentality and the right attitude to execute the dream.

A project like Transcend requires attributes such as resilience, persistence, passion and courage in the face of multiple failures, not giving up and seeing “Next Opportunity” where most may see the word “NO”.

Despite several years of continuous hard work and persistence, “Lola” found that it was difficult to continually cultivate the idea without obstacles until providence in 2014 brought him Mr Ladi Ani-Mumuney. A similar-minded individual who bought into this dream and was able to see the vision and so the seed of Transcend was planted.

Transcend is now powered by private sector professionals with the singular goal of inspiring Africa’s teeming population to visualise a world without borders, to dream without restraint, to strive to succeed beyond real or imagined limitations, to light up Africa on the global map of achievers and over-comers. It’s about putting African dreams and visions into action.

This is an African’s very first solo flight around the world, and perhaps unsurprisingly, someone of Nigerian origin, the continent’s most populous country. The planned solo flight route starts from Washington DC (USA) in an easterly direction through Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, then island hopping before undertaking the longest sector between Hawaii and California finally returning to Washington DC in around 4 weeks.

The Transcend project will support carefully selected charities that are transforming lives on the African continent.