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It is apparent that Nigeria has a large youth population. Its also apparent that the vast majority of these youth are seeking for guidance, mentorship, and inspiration.

They are the millennial generation who are eager to break new ground, aspire for great heights in spite of narrow opportunities. Their world is shaped by social media, their business is driven by the mobile-phone, they demand high-speed broadband with insatiable appetite with a fearless zest to achieve.

The asks questions of the society and demand answers with the same force. Their yardstick is only as long as the ‘’last achievement’’. They seek for something to brag about amongst their peers and want to know “when was the last time we achieved something great that stands us out as a nation?’’

The vision is to give hope to these youths, re-energise their zest and stimulate their thirsts for greatness. To re-affirm their hopes and encourage their motivation to achieve their dreams.


  • Be the first African to complete a solo flight flight round the world
  • Flight Originates and terminates in Nigeria
  • Inspire African Youths to “Dare to Dream”
  • Reshape the Nigerian perception
  • Redefine the African Narrative
  • Raise funds for selected charities

How can you help?

  • Donate to the cause.
  • As little an amount goes far enough.
  • Help us make history.

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