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One Man (The Pilot)

Lola is many things including a husband, father, son to proud parents, brother to two siblings, a loyal friend to many, an adviser, a business analyst. He is also a keen adventurer who sees any challenge as an opportunity and is an avid lover of motor and quad bikes, bicycles and boats but his greatest passion lies in the skies. As a young boy, Lola looked up to his uncle who was a commercial pilot and went flying with him during an era when sitting in the flight deck was not an issue. It wasn’t long after that Lola realised his calling was actually to be an airline pilot. He started having dreams of one day being able to fly around the world- the passion and desire grew with every passing day and he began to tell his family that he wanted to be a pilot

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Ademilola Odujinrin

“I believe the time is here for Africa to be re-positioned on the global stage by challenging the status quo and achieving beyond expectations”

~ Ladi Ani-Mumuney – Project Director

One Man, One Plane, One World.


Flight Preparation


Select the Pilot

This is the first step in the whole process. A willing pilot with a dedicated mind who understands the essence of the cause.


Select Aircraft

The aircraft has to be fit and ready to go the distance. It is very key to the whole process.


Map Route

Clearly defined routes have to be mapped, and also clearance must be gotten for each of these routes.


Prepare Equipment

Necessary equipment must be acquired and prepared for the flight. It is always key to be prepared for any event.


Get Ready

It is important to be physically and mentally prepared to undergo this daunting task. Everything pretty much starts with the mind.

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1 Man 1 Plane 1 World

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